Build strong automation with any API

Easily script around your favorite tools. We give you access to a fully integrated environment with a dedicated interface to manage your connectors.

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Prototype and test in minutes

Gain flexibility to make anything possible in our Javascript and Typescript web editor.

API will became blocks you can change at any time and without breaking your app. With 100+ connectors ready to use in addition of your own APIs, you can easily prototype your API integration inside Meta API. Once the data and automation are ready, just integrated it inside your code with our provided snippets.

Open Connectors

Our connectors are based on Swagger / Open API norm: you are free to add others and/or your own.

Privacy by Design

We don't look at all in your data and you can host our solution directly on your servers if you prefer.

Continuity of Service

We handle API's changes and make services fallback automatic. And notify you if there is a risk.
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One Editor to Connect Everything

Meta API is a low-code platform to automate any services using APIs.

Use public and private APIs, write your own business logic with Javascript and deploy your code instantly.

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And you know what the best part is?

We've got some other powerful features to throw in too!

Oauth exemple 2

Manage complex OAuth APIs and user's profiles

We provide a fully managed OAuth system with a ready to use button to integrate inside your own app. You don't have to manage anymore the OAuth dance and the storage of users profiles.

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APIs and services become scalable

Start small and add new APIs and service one after one, without worrying about breaking changes or massive refactoring. A service start to became too expensive or unfeasible? Dump it and switch to a new one.

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Edit of Onboarding Slack + Pipedrive + Mailjet (public Spell)

What are you waiting for!

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"Like many companies working in the Tech industry, we have a long list of features to develop. And therefore more than busy developers. So we were looking for a solution to be able, to accelerate the development of "small tasks" with high value-added, but without going through our developers.
Meta API succeeded in responding to all our problems. and even proposed improvements that allow us today to save a lot of time. The team is very attentive and responsive, it is a pleasure to work with them."

Guillaume KREISS
Product Owner, MEDICALIB

A Solution to your (ours) problems!

Some of the pains point we solve with Meta API

Auto-updating APIs

We monitor and watch all APIs connected to our platform (including your own privates) and we send you notification is any breaking change append.

Managed servers

Forget about maintenance, servers, security and execution: we use a serverless technology to serve your own APIs integration.

Open and collaborative

Use Spells created by the team or by the community to spin up your own integration. And you always can customize it with your own needs.

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