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Low-Code Platform to Automate Workflows

Unleash the power of APIs to connect apps and create new integrations.
Free your dev team and innovate faster.

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Our Solution

Do more, faster, easier.

Unlimited workflows and endpoints. Create whatever you want with APIs!

APIs and counting
How work Meta API


Authentication Management

OAuth v2, API Keys, HTTP Basic, JWT ... we support all authentication methods.


APIs Catalog

With your own or with 240+ ready to use, you can prototype your API integration in minutes.


Serverless Hosting

Take advantage of serverless technology to serve your own APIs integration. Safe and scalable!



We monitor all APIs connected (including your own) and manage deprecation of API's endpoints.

Clients Who Trust Us

  • Meta API succeeded in responding to all our problems and even proposed improvements that allow us today to save a lot of time. The team is very attentive and responsive, it is a pleasure to work with them.
    Guillaume Kreiss
  • Meta-Api allows us to break down these barriers by efficiently and simply connecting and aggregating all the data our customers need to run their businesses. We could also talk about automation, saving time and reliability...
    Olivier Gagneau
    T'inquiète On Gère ! (TKOG)
Tinquiète On Gère
Who We Are

How we can help you?

Meta API is built with one clear objective : free your dev team to focus on building your applications instead of hand-coding API integrations.

Programming language

You can code in Javascript or TypeScript (recommended). Your spell must always end with a return, usually an object that will be transformed to JSON when called with an HTTP request. A full autocomplete is available in the code interface for javascript methods, your connectors responses, and node dependencies.

Integrate and manage any private API

You can add your own API. You can upload your YAML or JSON file in the Open API format version 2 or 3.

Remove your API

To delete your API, you just need to click on the Delete button available in the API settings.

Monitoring of your Spells

You'll find an overview of all your Spell running in production on the home page. That's the easiest way to check if everything's good or if your attention is needed. On the Spell's detail page, you'll find the same pieces of information as on the home page but only for the selected Spell.

Data Encryption

All your data are stored encrypted on our servers, and all transfers secured with HTTPS.

How to deploy in production?

Once your Spell is ready to go live, you can create a new version and deploy it in production from the Manage versions in Spell's detail page or the Deploy button on the Spell's editor.

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