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The magic key to make any data compatible

We provide a low code platform to connect and automate your business based on the Open API Standard.

Connect all APIs you need and create complexe automations much simpler!

4 reasons to chose Meta API for your business

Custom and make powerful automation with Lumo


Select an application, stack the connectors chosen and create your business logic to exploit the full potential of your apps.

Add conditions to customize your work and create unlimited functions.

An intuitive tool, with auto save : never worry about losing your work again!



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Our first matter: the security of your data


We got the right authentication format to ensure the security of your business. Secret keys, like API key, Client Secret and HTTP Basic password are hidden by default.

You can see Meta API as an API of API!

Also, as we have a serverless hosting, you can deploy your automations anywhere you want!


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Meta API: when scalability goes with low-code


With Meta API, you can use the same automations no matter how big is your company, and the workflows will automatically evolve with your needs.

Scale your current of future workflow. We manage the data automation!



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One API to run them all


Any app can be found in our catalog, just browse into the +530 apps, and if you don't have found your beloved one, add it yourself.

Even your most precious and private app could be added to our workflow automation platform, just add it as a private API to keep just for you.



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Our magical features


We provide you one time and one click authentication but we also support other methods. In any ways, your API keys are hidden by default.

serverless hostingServerless hosting

For the security of your data, you can chose to deploy your automations on our AWS cloud, or on your own data center. Meta API is like a unique API for all your APIs. We pass through your data but they are hidden.


We monitor both your API integrations and API requests to give you mindful information while keeping your data safe: only metadata are recorded. All data processing are done in streaming.


Our clients

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We built Meta API to help developers, and now we also here to help marketers, sales persons, product builders and so many else!

If you need any help, you can visit our Discord community and our Facebook Community. Don’t forget to also check your knowledge base!




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