The Meta API Story

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Mathieu RASSE

Chief Executive Officer

A SUPINFO graduate with a master's degree in computer science and information systems, Mathieu was R&D manager at Dubbing Brothers, the leading French dubbing company, and CTO at Kumullus.

These 8 years in the position have demonstrated his leadership position within teams and his technical skills within demanding systems.


Chief Technical Officer

Marcel graduated as a computer and information system expert at SUPINFO, he was then a self-entrepreneur and then R&D manager at Dubbing Brothers.

These experiences have reinforced his skills in business management, marketing and team responsibility, which he now makes available to Meta API.


Chief Operating Officer

Salim holds a Master degree in Strategic Consulting from Paris Business School, he began his career as a Client Partner at Kumullus. He continued by integrating the aumotive industry at Plastic Omnium where he would operate for nearly 3 years as project manager and CIO office coordinator.

Once upon a time, on a spell not so far away...


The Magic Happen

We were a bunch of friends (Meta-API's founders), trying to organize one weekend trip. We spent almost the entire weekend to plan it: find the best accommodations (not too expensive and well located), book activities that satisfied everyone, plan where we gonna eat, etc.

Very frustrated by this experience, we start to imagine an app to help us organize our trip. An app that can consume data from website like AirBNB,, Kayak, TripAdvisor and allow us to apply our own algorithm to fit our choices, without any influence or dark patterns from these platforms (I'm looking at you Booking).We start coding this app and aggregating data, focus on travel. We did it: we succeed to display, in one simple page, all the potential choices with price associated an even our own scoring, based on a ratio between price and time spent on site.

After our first release, we choose to go further and extend this experience to restaurants, movie theater, museum. We saw the almost infinite potential of connecting everything we want but with our own rules.Then we all know what happened in 2020 and the pandemic forces us to switch the main use of the platform and focus on B2B. We start improving connections between tools and businesses processes, like a Zapier but with the same liberty that engage us back in our weekend planning.

Now, we use the power and the abondance of APIs inside our daily tools to make these connections possible, easy to create and without losing our freedom to implement the algorithm we want to control our data.

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