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Authentication Management

We support all authentication methods and you can use one of our public accounts to access your data in a snap or create a fully configured OAuth account.

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(O)Auth all the way


We support all kinds of API authentication methods: API Keys, HTTP headers, query params... and OAuth2.

Use one of our public accounts to access your data in a snap or create a fully configured OAuth account.

You can also use OAuth for your own users by creating an OAuth button to implement on your platform. This way, users can allow you to access their data through any Spells. We take care of security and authentication management like refreshing access token.

One Time Authentication

Once your authentication is done, you can use credentials in any Spell without the need to reconfigure everything

No Coding Needed

OAuth is fully implemented inside Meta API and you can control it the way you want.

Authentication Center

We manage for you all kinds of authentication: OAuth, API Key, HTTP Basic, Bearer token, etc. All keys are securely stored inside your Authentication Center inside Meta API.

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One Click Authentication

For some APIs, we provide a one click authentication.

If available, you'll see a One Click button inside the connector

You just have to click on it to start an automatic OAuth 2 authentication and your profile will be automatically added to your connector.

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Secret keys, like API key, Client Secret and HTTP Basic password are hidden by default.

Once you add your key inside an API authentication, you won't be able to recover it but we'll show you an hint (with only the five last characters of the key) to figure out which key is used.

This feature will enhance the security of your account, preventing secrets from being exposed if you lose access to your account.

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