We bring all the tools together to
speed-up API automation

Create greats workflows with our managed tools, and add your own touch with your code.

From gaining productivity to integrate partners APIs, everything will seem much more easier.

Get Started

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You will create a new way and approach to code API automations and integrations: a Spell.

We believe, as developers, that we should be focused on features loved by our team and our users and provide a smart way to reduce boring stuff and bring our company to the next level.

We put inside a Spell all the tools you need to create a fast and reliable integration without struggling with configuration, undocumented features, authentication, serverless deployment, and monitoring.

Automations won’t be anymore a frontier between apps but a bridge, allowing unthinking connections and creating a true interconnected internet.

Here are parts inside a Spell:

  • Connectors: making the link between your code and external APIs and taking care of configuration, formatting data, and authentication

  • Code: your way to create logic in your workflow and process the data

  • Dev environment: an auto-reloading server to test your automation

  • One-click serverless deployment: version your code and deploy it as a serverless function in a few seconds. This new API can be used anywhere.

  • Monitoring: done automatically on each connector and on your code. If anything breaks, you will be notified, and debugging will be quick and easy

Spell stripe Google spreadshit

Choose APIs and Endpoints

Open APIs Catalog

Pick up among the most popular services APIs and endpoint you need to build API automation. Our team has already picked up and managed these services for you. Interactive documentation will be right in front of you, and all the original features of these APIs will be accessible for you.

Import your own APIs

Aware of not being able to add all the APIs released every day, public or private, we offer you the capacity to import your own APIs using the OpenAPI specification standard.

Many teams are already using this standard for documentation and collaboration: so you just have to upload this file in the Meta API platform, and private connectors will be created for you.

We support all kinds of authentication, from API key to OAuth, and we provide one-click auth on many services.
Each authentication account is securely accessible inside your client account.


Easy configuration and authentication

Simplify configuration and usage

We bring API documentation right inside your code editor: you don’t have to study documentation for hours to figure out how an API is working. Responses’ schemas are inside the code editor with variables autocompletion.

We give you format validation and schema to write, on your first attempt, a working request.

Authentication managed

We cover all kind of authentication applied to APIs and we offer a whole system to manage any case. From the basic HTTP auth, to the API key or even the complex OAuth 2, we manage all the authentication lifecycle for your own accounts or your users accounts.

OAuth 2 can be a pain, especially concerning exposing public route to get an access token or to refresh token. We provide a one click authentication with our own certified account but you can even configure your own OAuth for platform like Salesforce or Google Workspace.


Write efficient code and test it

A full featured code editor

VS Code build right inside your browser with an enhanced autocompletion system linked directly to your connectors. All variables will be typed with APIs responses schemas.

We believe also that code is the most efficient way to write complex workflow. Our NodeJS engine will give you high performance processing with JavaScript code with the most natural fit with JSON data.

Meta Storage: a key/value database ready to use

Some complex automation and integration need to store a value to sync multiple execution or even automation between them. We created Meta Storage as a no-brainer key/value database, available all across your account. You won’t have anymore to rely on external services to store simple data.

Test, write, repeat and commit

We bring, in one interface, everything you need to create your automation: an interactive documentation for each connector, a code editor and a console to debug and validate the returned data.

Everything done in real time and without to install anything on your workspace, accessible from any computer.

The downtime manager How it works

Deploy in serverless infrastructure

Zero configuration serverless

Once your automation is ready, deploy it, and we’ll transform it into a serverless function in our scalable infrastructure. All dependencies, network securities and scalability concerns are managed by us.

Webhooks, scheduler or code snippets for any usage

Since your Spell will be a new API, you are free to use it the way you want: triggered by a webhook, run manually, launched by your own platform or scheduled by our events engine.

Each Spells are secured by a private API key and you can create, mix, restrict and renew key the way you want.


Fix, update and improve

Update in a snap

You miss an edge case or an unexpected value? Don’t worry, you’ll be notified by our automatic monitoring system, so you’ll find the bug quickly. Fix it, hit the deploy button and your Spell is up for another round. The best part is that you don’t have to change anything on your configuration: your very own endpoint will be automatically updated.

Sky is the limit

You can create Spells calling others Spells, even Spells calling our internal API to create new Spells, etc. More and more APIs are created every day, and there is room for each one inside Meta API. The limit is now your imagination.


Its your last chance to test it!

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