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Ideas to automate your APIs integration

For inspiration, here are some ideas to automate your APIs integration.
You will find use cases, as well as testimonials from our users presenting how they handle our platform.

Case study (1)


Adrien JONQUET from Sidely

External integration is nowadays key for client acquisition. As CTO at Sidely, a CRM aimed to be easy and connected, I had to implement quickly and efficiently many connectors asked by different clients. This task is often complex to industrialize because you have to code the business logic but also think about storing and refreshing Oauth tokens.
With Meta-API I could move cumbersome scripts and business logic out of our regular code and skip any security management or logging systems.
Spells are easy to create, easy to test, easy to deploy, and easy to log!

I could easily ask external developers or interns to implement connectors without any active interaction with Sidely’s code until everything has been tested and deployed on Meta-API.
It is easy to check on Meta-API’s API active connectors, no need to store and sync a table on our system 😉Meta-API's powerful cache is also a good way to save some 💶 on expensive API…

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Simplify workflows for team efficiency. 

Save time on repetitive/manual tasks: focus on more strategic tasks/ other projects

It applies to any support/operation teams in your company. Sales / Marketing: automate lead generation, accountability: ease your invoicing process, HR: simplify your hiring process, Product / Tech teams: automate your ticketing process.

Discover 2 ideas to automate API integration for your team


Example 1

Ease your invoicing process

  • Connect to Stripe to retrieve all invoices, every day
  • Filter and process data to produce invoices matching your business rules
  • Create new invoices directly inside Quickbooks or Pennylane

Example 2:

Follow its activity in real-time

  • Your operation team manages users’ appointments using Google Spreadsheet or Airtable
  • Retrieve and create conditions to generate notifications, based on your own rules
  • Send notifications to your users using Vonage (SMS) or Sendinblue (email) based on users’ preferences

Increase adoption by connecting your users’ ecosystem

Connect your end-users ecosystem if your clients need to simplify workflows between your tools and the other tools they use.

Give your clients the features they demanded and increase product adoption of your tool + save time.

With this easy way, you have some ideas to automate API integration to quickly prototype new features. Very competitive market and environment, so speed can be a game-changer.



Example 1

Sync your end users’ Google Agenda events with your platform

  • Add a button to connect your end users’ Google Agenda
  • Manage and validate profiles with Meta API
  • Connect your platform to retrieve users’ activity
  • Create, delete and update automatically appointments directly inside your users’ agenda, based on your own rules and with advance customization

Example 2:

Add delivery tracking to your users

  • Connect your delivery service (UPS, FedEx, TNT…) to your ERP
  • Update tracking status on-demand or periodically
  • Display for your customers their orders’ delivery status


Aggregate your data and take mindful decisions

Aggregate data from different sources, and format them the way you need to push them in a BI application or database.

Create powerful dashboard to process all the data, you need.

Created unique processes to better manage your team with agility with these ideas to automate API integration.




Analyze your sales data by correlating them to your acquisition actions

  • Connect to Google My Business to retrieve user's action
  • Connect to your Ad campaign (Google Ads and Facebook) to retrieve performances
  • Aggregate with your Sales data to see the impact
  • Push new insights into your own database
  • Display data for your teams using Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, etc.


And you? What are your ideas to automate your APIs integration?

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Custom text completion with OpenAI. Set up my own API to extract data from WordPress DB that will be called by another web app to trigger email. Monitor Google Search Console for failed links and use API to retrieve the list of failed links.
Said Hasyim
Various scenarios, i.e. Monday.com webhook trigger to Freshdesk (CRM) and/or Airmeet events (entry registration or deletion)
Conversion and audience data. From CRM/company systems to the ad networks.
Automating one of the form saas product to proposal and perhaps send it to email and whatsapp
Zaki Khalifa

Guillaume KREISS, Product Owner Medicalib

Like many tech companies, we have a long list of features to develop and therefore have very busy developers, so we were looking for a solution to accelerate the development of "small tasks" with high added value, but without going through our developers, so we naturally turned to Zapier, which is the reference in the domain. However, we quickly realized that it had major limitations for our practical case. Meta API managed to answer all our problems and even proposed improvements that now allow us to save a lot of time.The team is very attentive and responsive, it was a pleasure to work with them.