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Free your dev team to focus on building your applications instead of hand-coding API integrations and monitoring.


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Who are we?




API ecosystem is evolving so fast that it is impossible to catch up will all services created every day. We build our connectors system on the OpenAPI standard to allow developers to import any APIs, private or public ones. You’ll write Javascript code, easily reusable outside our platform.


Focused on code


No-code and low-code are very accessible solutions but when you have to deal with complex business process, these tools are too limited and implementation can be done much faster with code rather than drag’n’drop items. We automate everything around the code to make it straightforward.


Privacy by design


All data is processed in real time and deleted at the end of the run.




We are open to any integration and working with code, but also expose automation as standard API, usable anywhere without restriction, including inside our competitors tools. As an API, it’s up to you to use it the way you want.

 Meta Api_Wand_ White  We choose to simplify all the boring stuff around API integration: authentication, schemas validation, monitoring, error management, etc. But without restraining available connectors (you can import your own) and writing your process with the same freedom as your own dev environment.   Meta Api_Wand_ White




We were a brunch of friends (Meta-API's founders), trying to organize one weekend trip. We spent almost the entire weekend planning it: find the best accommodations (not too expensive and well located), book activities that satisfied everyone, plan where we gonna eat, etc.

Very frustrated by this experience, we started to imagine an app to help us organize our trip. An app that can consume data from websites like Airbnb, Booking, Kayak, TripAdvisor and allow us to apply our algorithm to fit our choices, without any influence or dark patterns from these platforms (I'm looking at you Booking). We start coding this app and aggregating data, focusing on travel. We did it: we succeeded in displaying, on one simple page, all the potential choices with the associated price. We even added our scoring based on the ration between the price and the time spent on the website.

After our first release, we chose to go further and expand this experience to restaurants, movie theaters, museums. We saw the almost infinite potential of connecting everything we want but with our own rules. Then we all know what happened in 2020: the pandemic forced us to switch the main use of the platform and focus on B2B. We started improving connections between tools and businesses processes, like a Zapier but with the same liberty that engaged us back in our weekend planning.

Now, we use the power and the abundance of APIs inside our daily tools to make these connections possible, easy to create. All this without losing our freedom to implement the algorithm we want to control our data.

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The Story


Allow simple connection between all APIs, to be at the origin of a new protocol of ubiquitous communication.


Technology must be a way to decentralize the web, put users back at the center and open up the field of possibilities. It is advisable to make the knowledge and data transparent, open, and accessible to the greater number.


To be the key player for creating new uses via APIs. To be a vector of creative interoperability in which we have full confidence.


I give everyone the freedom to invent useful, powerful and liberating web services.