Meta Storage

You have now the ability to use our persistent storage, shared between Spells and executions.

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Meta Storage an integrated key & value database

Store, retrieve and manipulate a database without the need to manage one: we added Meta Storage right into your code editor. This key/value database will allow you to track, synchronize and store data from your automations.

This database is accessible across your account, so you can even share data between multiple automations.

Meta Storage will be your best companion for implementing complex automation.


This storage is great for many use-cases:

  • Track the execution state inside a Spell, for example check the last execution time or synchronize a state

  • Share identifiers or variables applicable between multiples Spells

The size is limited to 16 Mb and is not purpose to store large files: we recommend you to use specific storage like AWS S3, Dropbox, G Drive, etc... for these kinds of usage.

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