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(O)Auth all the way

We suppport all kind of authentication: API Keys, HTTP headers, query paramers... and OAuth 2.

Use one of our public accounts to access your data in a snap or create a fully configured OAuth account.

You can also use OAuth for your own users by creating an OAuth button to implement on your platform. This way, users can allow you to access their data through any Spells. We take care of security and authentication management like refreshing access token.

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One Time Authentication

Once your authentication is done, you can use credentials in any Spell without the need to reconfigure everything

No Coding Needed

OAuth is fully implemented inside Meta API and you can control it the way you want.

Authentication Center

We manage for you all kinds of authentication: OAuth, API Key, HTTP Basic, Bearer token, etc. All keys are securely stored inside your Authentication Center inside Meta API.

Authentication Center

Public OAuth

Meta-API now provide a very simple and straightforward way to connect your account using OAuth.

You'll be able to have this one-click authentication on the most popular providers (like Github, Google, Slack...).

You can also create your own custom authentication and manage all the details.

OAuth 1



Secret keys, like API key, Client Secret and HTTP Basic password are hidden by default.

Once you add your key inside an API authentication, you won't be able to recover it but we'll show you an hint (with only the five last characters of the key) to figure out which key is used.

This feature will allow reinforcing your account security, avoiding secrets to be reached if you lose access to your account.

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Oauth 3




API Integration Monitoring

We monitor both your Spells and requests to give you mindful information while keeping your data safe: only metadata are recorded. All data processing are done in streaming.

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Status and HTTP code


Volume of data exchange


Details of each request done


Spells and requests under control

Your corrective actions will be some much faster: access the Spell, correct the error or change one of the faulty connectors and deploy your Spell. The production URL won't change: so you don't have to re-deploy your application or reconfigure it.

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Monitoring Home Page


Monitoring doesn't need any configuration or code implementation: everything is done automatically, right out of the box.

From the first line of code, we'll give you detailed logs on your own interface on Logs view.




Each time your Spell will encounter an error with one of their connectors or with the code itself, we'll email you a notification with advices to correct this error.

Your corrective actions will be some much faster: access the Spell, correct the error or change one of the faulty connectors and deploy your Spell.

The production URL won't change: so you don't have to re-deploy your application or reconfigure it.




A serverless infrastructure for security and scalability

Your Spells will be deployed on serverless function on Amazon Web Services, ensuring security and stability for all your requests. Our own technology add security and control layers to give you the most of our unique infrastructure.

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A simple and trustful path to serverless

We add simplicity on top of this serverless architecture: our code editor will allow you to write simple API requests and data transformation, and we ensure your code will run every time with the best conditions.

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gif serverless



Feature in preview

More control on your data and performances

You can use our Runners open-source technology to use your own servers and access unlimited executions.

Since you use your own servers, no requests will be count down from your account.

Our cloud infrastructure is still here as a fallback and can take care of your requests in case of maintenance or unavailability.

Easy to deploy, easy to maintain

Access our Open Source Docker image to deploy it easily and securely on your own servers or cloud provider.

Data and keys are securely synced between your runner and our cloud platform: so don't worry about loosing data: you won't.

All data are cached locally for performances and a better reliability.



We choose to expose your Spell as a simple REST API, so you can use it the way you want:

  • Make request from your own code with your favorite HTTP client
  • Use it manually: just open the URL inside your web browser and your Spell will run
  • Pair it with a Webhook: you can receive and process all data from a webhook, make subsequent requests and then notify yourself with Slack for example
  • Use a Scheduler: we provide you a scheduler to run your Spell each time you need it: every day, every hour, every minute or even more complex interval like: every day, from Monday to Friday, at 4:12 PM




Our platform can handle from one to millions requests: you can prototype and go live in hours.

You want more control ? Deploy our Runners and your code and data will stay on your own infrastructure. You can opt in for our monitoring solution or send your logs to your favorite tool (Datadog, New Relic, App Insight, etc.)

Want both? Our Flex Gateway will use our platform as a backup in case of overloading and traffic will be automatically balanced between your Runners and our infrastructure to ensure that every request will be processed.