How can I use Meta-API?

Once you have created your Spell in your account, you have multiple way to start it. Choose the method that fit your own requirements and processes:


We'll expose a public and unique URL for each of your Spell. You can safely share it with anyone on your team and trigger it from your web browser.


  • Synchronize specific entries from your own database with your CRM
  • Clean duplicated entries on your CRM


You can schedule the execution of your Spell with a simple rule (like every 5 minutes) or on a more complex one (at 3:15 AM each Monday).

With the scheduled option, you can even define retry rules. For example: "In case of a failure, retry after 3 min, 3 times max and with 5 min between each execution".


  • Check for new invoices every day in Stripe, App Store and Google Play to report them onto a Google Spreadsheet
  • Report once a day all users' activity into our CRM


Let other platform trigger your Spell for you: you can rely on Webhooks to start your Spell. Tools like Github, Trello, Hubspot support HTTP webhooks and you can configure them with your Spell's URL. Each time an event will be launch, your Spell will received the associated payload and you free to process it the way you want.


  • Each time a new deal in Hubspot as been tagged as "Won", send a message into Slack to inform everyone
  • After each release published in Github, update the changelog and Slack it to the whats-new channel


A Spell is just a new API: you can make request on it from any programming language and receive your custom response as a JSON

  • Once a user as signed up into our platform, trigger a Spell that will create his profile on Hubspot and send him a Welcome message
  • Each time a payment has been processed by our API, send a message on Slack to keep our sales time informed and email the account manager in case of a payment failure

Gain real-time visibility and govern APIs and integrations from one interface!

There are many technical ways to connect two remote system, but APIs and especially REST APIs have many advantages: There are a good start if you want to add modularity and a greater use and reuse of existing function inside your own software and if you want to expose an API to the public.

REST APIs can be used internally, externally or both.

  • Easy to understand: all REST APIs follow the same pattern and the same convention.
  • Easy of use: based on HTTP protocol, you can make a request from any programming language and many libraries and clients exists to make requests even simpler.
  • Industrial standard: more than 80% of companies are using Open API, a specification to describe REST API.

Open and collaborative

Unlike many low-code / no-code solutions, Meta-API's APIs catalog is open. You can import your own API without the need to re-write it in a custom framework: we support Swagger and OpenAPI specifications, so you can import your own in one click.

Others developers can join your account: you can create and manage Spells together.

Access all the Spells and APIs created by the community.

Import your own API

Auto-updating APIs

We monitor and watch all APIs connected to our platform (including your own privates) and we will send you a notification and you can anticipate your own updates without risking breaking your app in production.
We manage deprecation of API's endpoints. If any paths or parameter are deprecated, we can suggest you changes according to your code and needs.

Data security

Encryption at rest:
All your data are stored encrypted on our servers and all transfers are secured with HTTPS.

Keep data processing under your control:
You can either launch your code on our infrastructure or on your own using our runners instances. In both cases, your data stay yours and we don't watch over it.